Best Smartphones 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Smartphones are not new in this era as we know they have become an essential for our lives since last two decades. Despite the fact that today’s best smartphones 2018 have lots of new and innovative features to cater to our connectivity needs better, most of the smartphones buyers are becoming more confused regarding their choice. The reason behind it is that each and every smartphone manufacturers intend to introduce smarter and better phones for capturing the attention of most of the smartphone users.

In this never-ending battle, the consumers are given an opportunity to compare thousands of models, versions and smartphone tech manufacturers by companies like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, HTC and now Nokia is also in this game.

Many people do have certain personal choices based on the OS and the performance of smartphone hardware features. Still, due to lots of similarities and high-end features in most of the smartphones, they usually doubt their decision many times when comparing them with the competitors on the market.

​10 best smart​​​​​​​​​​​phones 2018

Here we’ll be sharing some of the most crucial apparent features and performance aspects of some of the top-rated smartphone available on the market so that it will be easier for you to decide on which is best smartphones 2018 for you:

 ImageNameEditor's RatingPrice
Apple iPhone X (4.3 / 5)$$$
​​Samsung Galaxy S8 (4 / 5)$$
OnePlus 5T A5010​ (4 / 5)$$
Google Pixel 2 (3.7 / 5)$$
Samsung SM-N950UZVAXAA Galaxy Note8​ (4.1 / 5)$$
Apple iPhone 7​ (3.9 / 5)$$
Google 100 Pixel 2 XL 128gb GSM/CDMA (3.8 / 5)$$
LG V30 H930 64GB Factory ​4G/LTE Smartphone$$
Huawei Nexus 6P ​Smartphone​ (3.5 / 5)$
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Factory​ (3.8 / 5)$$

  • check
    ​A11 Bionic CPU
  • check
  • check
    ​Face ID
  • check
  • check
    ​5.8-inch OLED HDR display
  • check
    ​64GB or 256GB storage
  • check
    ​Dual 12-megapixel camera with OIS


  • check
    ​Much-improved telephoto camera
  • check
    ​Stunning screen
  • check
    ​The best-looking iPhone ever
  • check
    ​Impressive battery life
  • check
    ​Face ID is so much better than a fingerprint sensor


  • check
    ​Software needs more optimisation for the taller display and notch
  • check
    ​No fast-charging plug included
  • check
    ​Very expensive

With so many fans Apple never stops introducing features that allow more streamlines performance, smoother functioning, high-tech connectivity, smart apps you will never see before, and innovation that are light years ahead of others. This Apple iPhone X is the true reflection of the highest tech Apple has introduced so far featuring 5.8 Retina screen OLED having the multi-dimensional touch display for a smoother experience.

But you need to know this smartphone is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile service only and if you use Sprint or Verizon, you are not going to run on it.

Coming to the next features, we can see the 12 MP telephoto camera featuring wide angle and stabilized dual optical image for capturing the real picture of the life around you without missing a detail.

Another feature that surpasses the overall standards of smartphone structure and functions is the Qi charging making use of hi-tech wireless charging for the convenience of the user. The phone is sure to be dust resistant and has the capability to resist water splashes as well.

The sapphire crystal lens covers assure crystal lens cover makes it easier to get crystal clear images.

Coming to the functionality of the phone, the setup is streamlined and smooth featuring the quick transfer of your data from your old iPhone if it is with you nearby. That assures lesser hassle and greater convenience as you get all your essential settings and apps transferred to your new phone within minutes.

Going further into the details, we can see that this iPhone X generation offers the Face Id instead of touch ID that takes the sure to the next level of safety and ease. The face ID lock is sophisticated enough to identify your face while wearing a hat, glasses, etc. this takes the convenience to the next level. You may need to take care if you are not facing it from the front, like if it is on a table you will have to lean over it to open up.

The true tone technology helps to adjust the light and dark aspects to give the exact picture without altering the details.

The animoji feature is also capturing attention that maps the facial expression into an emoji. In addition to that, the powerful camera allows you to take selfies with a blurred background or black background easily in the portrait mode. The camera comes with an increased aperture and lens having a wide angle for better pictures in low light as well. It also supports 60p 4 K video shooting and recording with fluid images.

The audio and volume functions, RAM size increased to 3 GB and the use of Bionic chip makes this smartphone is one of the most powerful smartphones with some jaw-dropping features and functions no one could resist.

Samsun g Galaxy S8 is a pleasure if you are looking for something amazingly new, innovative tech packed in a sleek and stylish smartphone package. The most eye-catching feature in this smartphone that captures that has set up new standards in the industry is the infinity Screen. The screen extends beyond the bezel and allows a more extended view of what you need to capture with no boundaries or limits. It comes with a default HD resolution but can be changed to QUAD HD plus settings as well.

You must be excited to know that it offers 8 MP front camera and 12 MP rear OIS AF for the best experience that is closer to the real scene. The internal memory is 64 GB and the RAM is about 4 GB for quicker processing and smooth functioning. In addition to that, you can easily manage your multitasking routine by adjusting the window size so that you will not be scrolling all the time and can text while watching a video or checking in your mobile apps.

The 3000mAh battery, Octa-core processor makes it a sharper, smarter phone that gives you the ultimate smart experience through its flawless design and unmatchable features. It is compatible with GSM SIM and works fine with AT&T, T-Mobile.

The Google has surely tried to offer the best of smartphones on the market. This Pixel 2 is the latest example of the hi-tech development of Google Pixel showcasing lots of helpful and admirable features packed in a sleek and good-looking smartphone.

This one features a better camera that assures stable pictures without touching your screen, it gives high definition shots with lesser efforts at your end. The 5.0 inches display gives the best display for bigger and clear user interface supported by AMOLED Resolution for crystal clear images.

The phone is water resistant and also resists dust quit efficiently keeping it crystal clean. It operates and uses Android 8.0.0 Oreo for better performance. You can easily transfer data from your existing Android by using the data cable.

The Google has surely tried to offer the best of smartphones on the market. This Pixel 2 is the latest example of the hi-tech development of Google Pixel showcasing lots of helpful and admirable features packed in a sleek and good-looking smartphone.

This one features a better camera that assures stable pictures without touching your screen, it gives high definition shots with lesser efforts at your end. The 5.0 inches display gives the best display for bigger and clear user interface supported by AMOLED Resolution for crystal clear images.

The phone is water resistant and also resists dust quit efficiently keeping it crystal clean. It operates and uses Android 8.0.0 Oreo for better performance. You can easily transfer data from your existing Android by using the data cable.

Samsun Galaxy Note 8 is something that USA dwellers have been waiting for as it is the US version that complies with all USA networks including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, AND T- Mobile. The 6.3 inches AMOLED QUAD HD screen display with infinity screen gives much more than just a view of the surrounding. It provides an extraordinary, detailed image without placing boundaries across your vision so that you get the maximum view in an easy to manage smartphone. The smartphone features a resolution of 2960-1440 p for clear display. It also offers expandable memory options with 256GB SD card so that you can store what you need.

The 3300mAh battery supports all the functions very well and does not get drained quickly. The 64 GB memory and 6GB RAM assure better performance on the go. Coming to the camera side, it offers 12 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera that focusses automatically for the best shot you need. The built-in S pen allows the user to take notes without any hassles.  It is water and dust resistant for keeping it away from possible troubles.

Apple justifies most of the user needs with the help of the best features, functions, and design capabilities so that its users stay connected and feel excited when using their iPhones. This Apple iPhone 7 is a combination of some of the Apple’s advanced features that make it easier to grab pictures of memorable moments, take selfies that will make you feel proud and many things like that.

Your data stay accessible yet safe on your mobile and accessing it via iCloud is always there to keep the problems away. IPS technology and 3D touch assure better and smoother touch and functionality. It comes with 12p iSight camera take 4K videos in HD format and detailed photos supported by Quad LED true tone flashlight.

Elegant, feature-enriched and innovative are synonyms for this latest Google mobile phone. This is powered by Android and is factory unlocked. The phone offers all the innovative features of a modern smartphone and has a very powerful 12.3-megapixel camera. Screen size is 6 inches which are amongst the most spacious ones that you could have in the modern Smartphones. The Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 is the processor which promises seamless functionality of the phone using any application. Android Oreo gives this mobile its soul and what a nice soul for the mobile that is. It has 4 GB RAM which powers multitasking and loading of heavy applications on mobile quick and easy. Not to forget its 128 GB of internal storage which is quite handy.

This touchscreen smartphone would all be a pack of entertainment while on move, along with multiple productive features as well. This 4G/ LTE enabled mobile offer 16M colors and 1440 x 2880 pixel resolution. The capacitive 6 inches P-OLED screen offers you full freedom and exposure to all the built-in and custom applications that would bring the best out of this phone. All mainstream network bands are supported.

It has Android Nougat operating system which powers the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 2.4 GHz Quad Core processor. The preferable 33mAh battery is built-in which gives an extremely good run on a single charge. You would rarely need any extended memory when the phone is already offering you 64GB of internal storage. 4GB RAM is the feature which is extremely supportive of loading and seamlessly running the heavier applications.

Sturdily built and its extreme dapper looks are the most prominent qualities of this phone. All this comes with multiple functional features and specifications, such as its 2GHz Snapdragon 810 V2.1 processor and the most innovative Android 6.0 Marshmallow software as well. You will be extremely happy to witness its excellent resolution through the gigantic and high-resolution 5.7-inch screen. Entertainment is just at its best where you get the cinematic experience through the front-facing stereotype speakers of the phone.

The mobile is supported well by its long-lasting 340 mAh battery. You will be literally amazed to witness the fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone which is ideally placed the way you would hold your mobile.

 If you are after a mobile having quality audio and impressive camera/ screen results, then this one from Samsung is a must-check. You will be pleased to know about its touchscreen of 5.5 inches with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Now, get more amazed at the most-in-demand Android Marshmallow operating system coupled with Quad Core 2.3 GHz processor. 32 GB internal memory is provided and you always have the option of using external storage of microSD type with a limit of 256 GB.

Features to look for when buying a smartphone

As we all know, we cannot find anything reliable and good quality if we are not clear about things that are most valuable and desired ones. So, knowing a few of the following features would help you find the best smartphone that you would love to have. Some of the important and very popular aspects and features of smartphones are discussed below:

The type of the smartphone

At first, you need to know which type of the smartphone you need. Either you are looking for an Android or iPhones. Definitely, there is a lot of difference in both types so make sure to decide carefully.

The brand you prefer

Brands offering reliable performance in their smartphones are becoming better, satisfied customers and proven worth help in deciding the phone you would need.

Screen size

Screen size is important if you like to have a bigger image or need to multitask if it is possible on the mobile.

Screen type

Today the available screen types are OLED, AMOLED version and infinity screen that offer high-quality images, excellent user interface, and viewability.


Getting a high-end smartphone means that people can catch pictures, watch videos and enjoy images with no hassle involved. Always try to choose high-resolution mobiles offering greater things.

Image stabilization

Image stabilization becomes necessary for the sake of getting the correct, crisp and sharp image. This feature helps in lowering the chances that your image will be blurred.

Number of cameras and their quality

Having a rear and a front camera is essential but the quality of the camera is the most important things to consider. You may choose wide angle camera lens and crystal clear glass for maximum support.

The weight and overall size

The weight and overall size of the smartphone also matter a lot. Because if the smartphone is bulky and has an oversized body you cannot keep it in your pocket easily and will be a trouble for some people.

Battery power and life

Battery power usually range up to 3500 mAh to treat your phone so make sure to find the battery power up to this or beyond.

Easy data transfer and storage

Some phones offer data transfer from existing phone to the new ones with a data cable and some offer wireless data transfer easily. You may choose the one that makes it the best for you. SD cards are also used in some smartphones to store some extra data.

Compatibility with networks

Compatibility of the networks is so crucial as if your phone is not compatible with the US networks it would not work. Make sure to check which of the networks are supported by your selected smartphone including AT&t, t-MOBILE, VERIZON, AND SPRINT.

Easy to use

Smartphones are meant to offer, ease of use, customized functionalities and lots of memory and data storage options. Always try to get the smartphone that easy o handle and operate.


Price is by far one of the most important and crucial aspects that play an important role in deciding the smartphones a person needs if he is on a budget. It is true that when you have enough budget you can get the best but it is also possible to get a smartphone within your budget by comparing the smartphone online. Though when you are out to buy a smartphone from Apple or Samsung you have to make sure you have a bigger budget.

Concluding our discussion about the best smartphones 2018 option, we can say that APPLE and SAMSUNG are the true champions in the market of smartphones. The high-tech chips and the fully customizable features supported by water and dust resistant structure are the desired features by customers. People always look for sleek, stylish phone shaving smart apps installed on the go. Better quality smartphones are more streamlined as compared to others and offer better user interface, smooth information processing for easy and quick use. So, it is always better to have some ideas, put in some efforts to find the desired smartphones you need on the basis of the latest features and functions, reliability and convenience.